Monday, September 5, 2011

Half Italian

This weekend we traveled to West Virginia for the holiday and also to attend the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival, now in its 34th (or something like that) year.  The Italian festival is funny in a couple of ways.  There are some strange sights as you stroll down mainstreet in Clarksburg.  One on hand, you have the old Italian folks, most who have seen the festival from its infant days.  They wear red, white, and green from head to toe and sit on the bleachers to hear Amici sing.  After getting their fill of some folk music and dancing, they usually hobble over to get a fritti and head home.  Once nightfall hits, it's a totally different clientele.  You'll probably see tattoos on body parts that are typically covered, maybe a fight.  There's booze, food, cigarettes, and glow sticks.  It can get a little crazy.  So, I guess the Italian Festival is only half Italian, the rest being an excuse for crazies to head into the street and drink themselves sick.  Oh, and this year you could buy a bonzai tree.  How the heck is that italian?! 

Mason had a great time at the parade, and I had a great time taking photos.  I think the pictures show what a how excited he was! 

 Uncle Justy is so tall! 

Look Mama, a Trolley!

Perfect example of the 'real' Italians mentioned above.  This man walked around the festival playing his instrument following the parade, despite the 100 degree temps. 

Mama, did you see that!!! 

big truck. 

I love that you can see the candy flying through the air! 

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