Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Great Frederick Fair

Sort of like I mentioned with the Italian Festival a few posts down, we just can't resist an outdoor public gathering.  For one thing, they are super photogenic.  People you'd normally not look at as being in front of the camera (i.e. Carnies) make great back drops around the funnel cake trailer. 
Anyhow, we traveled a couple of miles down the road to The Great Frederick Fair (its real name) so Mason could enjoy the cows, tractors, and mud.  The Great Frederick Fair is a true agricultural fair.  There is a 'birthing center' full of cows and pigs ready to give birth at any moment.  If you ever think you had it bad giving birth, go see these poor animals surrounded by gawking humans and flashing camera.  I'll never complain about the slow-working epidural again.  As predicted, Mason totally loved the whole experience


I don't know where this child gets his expressions.   Oh wait. 

After the tractor pool (ha ha), there were the farm animals to see:

I love how the one in the back is looking at him

Brand new baby cow

Finally, it was on to the midway

The wacky waving inflatable arms were everywhere and very entertaining. 
And the cour de gras, my favorite picture ever for now.  SO CUTE!!!!
I'll spare you the photos of once we took him off of the carousel.  He was having every bit as much fun as it appears, so the walk away was pretty bad. 

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